Samsung Phones May Soon Start Showing Ads

Brands appears to be looking toward Ads in order to get the most benefit from their creations. We have seen how the ads have been acquiring increasingly important spots in applications such as Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. Smartphone Brands are not even left out.

We have Tecno, Infinix, Xiaomi mobiles already on this path and those ads could be so annoying to most consumers and even services such as Netflix could soon include it. Well, it seems that Samsung is already considering integrating the ads on their devices.

So, if you think ads on Xiaomi, Tecno, Infinix devices were bad, it’s about to be worse since we are talking about Samsung, who is currently the world’s largest smartphone maker.

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According to a revelation by LetsGoDigital, we could see the future intentions of the South Korean brand. The latest leaks reveals that Samsung would have already registered the Samsung Mobile Ads brand to incorporate advertisers inside its software. Here we tell you all the details.

Ads On Samsung Devices Imminent

The European Union intellectual property office (EUIPO) recently registered a patent under the name Samsung Mobile Ads. A new service that, according to the leak, will allow other brands to impose their advertising on the software of the devices of the company.

In the document, this patent falls into the categories “smartphones, tablets, advertising services, advertisements through mobile phone networks, software for use in advertising and for renting advertising spaces on websites”.

Samsung mobile ads

The description itself clarifies that Samsung Mobile Ads would be aimed at integrating the ads into Samsung products.

“We use our own data set that nobody else has to offer information to sellers that nobody else can offer”

It was also added in the document that the company also ensures that the brand’s televisions will integrate advertising based on the interests of each user.

At the moment, the Korean tech titan is yet to confirm or deny any of the data related to its supposed advertising system. However, everything seems to indicate that Samsung Mobile Ads is an advertising service that would reach each and every device of the company.

We will have to wait to see how this issue goes, since the criticism from users can be tremendous. But the amounts of money earned by Samsung in terms of advertising can be even greater. Hopefully, at least, they integrate functionality to suppress ads.

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