Google has started rolling out a new ‘auto-delete’ viewing history feature on the video streaming platform.

Earlier in May, Google announced that you could automatically delete your Location History and Web & App Activity, which includes things you searched and browsed and now the auto delete is now available for YouTube.

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With YouTube auto delete feature, you have the option to store your video search history for a predetermined amount of time – before it is wiped automatically.

According to Google, users can set their account to store history for a period of 3 or 18 months – “set the time period to keep your data – 3 months, 18 months, or until you delete it – and we’ll take care of the rest”.

How to Activate This Feature

1. Log into your Google account and check out the ‘My Activity’ and choose the ‘Other Google Activity’ option.


2. Select the ‘Manage activity’ option under ‘YouTube History’

3. click on ‘Choose to delete automatically’. You can then set a period of time to store your search history.

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