If you are looking for a particular information or to answer any questions, Google Search is one of your answer. It’s one of the most popular used tools in the world. That’s why the company is planning on further improving the service.

Google has announced that its search engine will understand normal questions. To accomplish this, will contribute a new machine learning technology capable of relating words.

Google Search

Google’s Latest Technology Can Relate Words In A Sentence

The technology Google will soon apply to its search has been under test for a year. In short, it aims to relate all the words present in a sentence.

In analyzing the word that comes before and after, this mechanism wants to make sure that it understands the full meaning of the question, and propose answers based on that.

If you don’t know it yet, Google Search understands single words. It means that you do not need to construct a meaningful sentence to receive the desired results.


Just put the words that are most important to your search and you will receive the information you are looking for.

Sometimes this mechanism is enough to find what we want, but it doesn’t always happen. With full-sentence recognition, it is hoped that the results can be even better.


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