Caviar launches new iPhone 11 Pro design, costs over $4,000

The popular Russian company, Caviar, well-known for its impressively luxury smartphone designs, has just launched its iPhone 11 Pro variant. It is called Victory and implements the letter V on the back, splitting the back panel in two while omitting the square setup that many compared with a stove or an electric razor.

The limited collection is a “symbol of superiority of beauty over the routine”. The different hand-crafted designs are available both for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, but the camera shooters are surrounded by a different design element.

The phone has have a shock-proof body and additional screen protection which are very necessary on phones that sell for well over $4,000.

Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Price

Speaking about pricing, the cheapest variant is the Victory Titanium – for a device with 64 GB storage, you must pay $4,290 through the company’s global website. The price gets above the sky if you want more memory or the bigger iPhone.

It can also cost over $12,000 if you want the back covered in black alligator leather and gold elements or exactly $30,820 if you decide to own an iPhone 11 Pro with actual diamonds on the back, separating two slacks of gold.



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