Twitter’s “Lights Out” Dark Theme Finally Available on Android

Recently, there’s been a massive rework on Twitter’s platform over the past few months and an AMOLED dark theme was one of the most welcoming changes. This new theme, called Lights Out, sits alongside the long-available blue “Dim” theme and has been available in Twitter’s web and iOS apps for quite some time. And well, Android users have been left waiting for the dark theme – but that has changed now.

The micro-blogging company has been working on implementing the “Lights Out” AMOLED black theme for quite sometimes. Twitter initially disclosed that development was “on track for a mid-September release” but was unfortunately delayed earlier last month. First reported by Android Police, Twitter is now testing the much-awaited dark theme in the newest 8.19.0 alpha build.

The “Lights Out” mode is being tested out with a select few users in the alpha and beta channels. It seems to be a server-side change that’s not available for all testers – which includes us. We are on the alpha channel, but still don’t see the option to change “dark mode appearance” on our devices.

Twiiter dark mode

Twitter users on iOS have been enjoying the Lights Out mode for over six months and it finally seems like Android users will get this much-awaited theme in a coming update. We mean, the moment the company is done testing its dark theme with alpha/beta users, fixing all annoying niggles, then only will we witness a widespread rollout.

So, better late than never, Twitter’s Android app will have the ‘Lights Out’ dark theme by this year’s end and the only feature we continue to request the company would again be: An edit button!


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