At the 2019 IFA, Honor announced a new color option for Honor 20 Pro, a wider market availability for its Honor Band 5. It also announced a new smart app that helps visually impaired users to read text called PocketVision.


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How PocketVision Works

PocketVision is powered by Honor’s AI and the high-resolution camera on the Honor 20-series smartphones. The app can help people with impaired vision to read documents, menus and everything in between. There are three available modes so far – Text-to-Speech Mode, Zoom-In Mode and Negative Image Mode.

Text-to-Speech Mode

The first one is pretty self-explanatory – you point at a text and the phone reads it out loud. It works in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and German using the HiAI platform and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) by converting pictures into text.

Zoom-In Mode

The Zoom-In Mode utilizes the 48MP main camera on the Honor 20 family and the 8MP telephoto lens to zoom in on the text using the volume buttons delivering great text clarity.


Negative Image Mode

And lastly, the Negative Image Mode provides a wide range of color filters to enhance the image by improving the contrast of the text.

Which Phones Supports PocketVision?

PocketVision is available at Huawei’s AppGallery and can be installed on all Honor smartphones, but it will work best on the Honor 20-series.

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