Latest Update: Opera Mini gets offline file sharing feature

Opera Mini is one of the oldest mobile browsers around. The Android version of the app also has the ability to block cryptocurrency mining scripts. The browser’s developer is making the light-weight app even more interesting, by dding support for offline file transfer.

What Is Opera Mini Offline File Transfer?

Offline file transfer is not a new feature on Android smartphones. There are a lot of apps available solely for this purpose for many years like Xender, ShareIt, ShareMe(formerly Mi Drop), and Google Files Go to name a few. With over 100 million installs on the Play Store, Opera Mini is one of the popular browsers available for Android. Hence, adding the offline file transfer functionality which Opera calls File sharing may come in handy among peers using the app.

How To Use Offline Transfer On Opera Mini

To use offline file transfer on Opera Mini;

  1. Go to File sharing under settings.
  2. Then, simply tap on Send or Receive based on their needs.

Sharing Files On Opera Mini.

Just like any other offline file transfer apps, Opera Mini generates a QR code on the sender’s device which needs to be scanned by the receiver device to establish a connection.


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