On few occasions, we have talked about LG and its possible mobile with flexible display. The phone is expected to be one of these devices to arrive in 2020 to rival Samsung, Huawei and the rest of the brands that enter this world. The only reliable source of the information we have right now is through the patents about this possible foldable phone.

Lg foldable phone

These patents are accompanied by a render made by LetsGoDigital that reveals the possible design. As you can see, this information is yet to be confirmed by the company and therefore we recommend that you take it with a pinch of salt.

LG foldable phone patents

The patents filed by LG reveals a lot of details, but it does not confirm the existence of a device like the one shown in the sketches. In many occasions, we have seen patents of LG and other companies that have not finally seen the light in the form of an end device. LG will launch a foldable mobile, but we cannot ensure its design.

Lg foldable phone with stylus


Could This Be LG’s Foldable Phone?

We are facing a device with two folds that become a great tablet. We highlight the thickness of the deployed terminal and also the shape of this fully folded. It has a larger side bezel to hold it without accidentally pressing the screen. The rest of the bezels are very thin, something very positive to improve the screen to front ratio.

When the phone is fully folded it only has bezels on the bottom and the top. The sides are curved and infinite, so the user experience can be very satisfying and immersive.

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Lg foldable phone

At the moment, all the details about screen sizes, internal features or panel resolution are unknown. We will have to wait to see if LG finally decides to use this design for its foldable mobile. Or leaves it aside for a more advanced one. The reality is, that this design as shown in the images. Would be one of the most advanced in the entire current market. Of course, we do not know what companies like Huawei or Samsung have for us in 2020.




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