iPhone XR keeps making waves from inception in terms of sales since last year, and now, according to CNET, it is now the best smartphone in the first half of 2019.

There is talk of a good 26.9 million units shipped in the first two quarters of the year (13.6 million in the first and 13.3 in the second), a really important figure that positions the Apple smartphone at a considerable distance from the second in the standings.

The second place is occupied by an inexpensive Android smartphone, namely Galaxy A10 which reaches 13.4 million, while in third place we find Galaxy A50 with 12 million units shipped.

In short, a great result for the Cupertino tech giant, at least as far as the public’s appreciation of its 2018 range iPhone is concerned. Curiously the only other Apple smartphones to appear in the standings are iPhone 8 at 10.3 millions of units and iPhone XS Max at 9.6 million.

iPhone XR Trumps Samsung Galaxy A10

This fact lets us understand how there is still a strong demand for an iPhone with a traditional design. And a more affordable price – which is why the launch of a new model belonging to this band could be a good move – and how iPhone XS has no success comparable to that of its predecessor, given that the iPhone XR and XS Max seem to represent better alternatives in several respects.


Iphone xr sales

Well, we conclude by mentioning the presence of Xiaomi in the standings with two of its products. We are talking about the Redmi 6A and Redmi Note 7. Both at 10 million in fifth and sixth position respectively.

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