Your iPhone 11 on iOS 13.1 Will Tell You If The Screen Installed is Fake

We can say that Apple perfected touchscreens on smartphones to an extent and since then, most smartphones comes with  some form of touchscreen.

Of course, the same touchscreen is almost everything on our devices, they as well makes the phones quite delicate. Glass is glass and of course, glass breaks. We use the touchscreen to control multiple aspects of the phone and if it breaks, we are forced to repair.

Well, to avoid wasting your hard earn money on fake screens, Apple is cracking down on practices where repairers installs them on your new iPhones.

According to a support document, your new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max will show you a message if your display is unable to be verified.

How To Know

You can know this buy going to Settings > General > About and if you get that message, it means the display that you have is not genuine. You will receive the notification on your lock screen for the first 4 days you use the device and after 15 days in the Settings app.

ios 13.1 indicates if fake screen is installed

Apple wants your iPhone display repairs be done with ‘certified technicians’ who use genuine Apple display parts.

Issues That May Arise Due To Fake Screen

The company warns of issues that may arise if you get a fake display part. You may experience the below;

  • Multi-Touch might not respond on parts of the screen
  • Degraded Multi-Touch performance, such as missed screen touches or touches not registering in the right location
  • Touches might unexpectedly register during a phone call
  • Display might not turn off during phone calls
  • Accidental edge or palm touches might register
  • True Tone display doesn’t function correctly
  • Lost or degraded function of the ambient light sensor, causing the screen to dim or brighten incorrectly
  • Incorrect display color calibration, such as the display to appearing too yellow or blue
  • Display isn’t uniformly bright
  • Lower maximum brightness
  • Unintentional battery drain

Apple recommends that you service your iPhone at an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider or sending it to an Apple Repair Centre. This may prove difficult in locations like Nigeria but at least you know your shiny new iPhone 11/11 Pro will warn you if you get a fake screen.

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