Huawei Atlas 900 Announced: The Strongest AI Training In The World

The Vice-Chairman of Huawei, Hu Houkun, at the Huawei Connect 2019 conference, gave a keynote speech – “Creating a New Height of Intelligence”.

In the speech, Hu Houkun introduced Huawei’s AI strategy and said that Huawei’s full-stack AI strategy has been fully implemented. In addition, the company released the Huawei Atlas 900. According to Huawei, this is the world’s fastest AI training cluster. Furthermore, it will make AI available for multiple purposes.

Huawei AI Connect

Huawei Atlas 9000 is currently in use on Huawei Cloud. Huawei said that in the Resnet-50 test for measuring AI training performance, the Huawei Atlas 900 completed the entire test with 59.8s. This is a new world record.

Furthermore, Huawei demonstrated the components of the Atlas 900 which includes thousands of Ascend 910 AI chips. This integrates three high-speed interfaces including PCIe 4.0, with a total power of 256-1024 P FLOPS (per second). Above all, the computing power is one petaflop.

Huawei Connect is Huawei’s largest global ecological conference for the ICT industry. The main agenda of the conference is on Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is also the theme of the conference – the meaning of Advance Intelligence.

Finally, the topics of the conference cover the fields of space exploration, oil and gas exploration, cloud computing, operating system, open-source, etc., which are quite extensive and rich


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