Recently, a good number of MTN MBLOG subscribers who have already unsubscribed from the service are complaining of still receiving messages from followed account.

How To Stop Receiving MBLOG Messages After Unsubscribing

To address this, if you are on of the, you would have to initiate the following steps;

  • Text “LIST”  to 50017 to show all their followers.
  • To remove follower, Text  “Del + follower Name” to 50017.

What is the MBLOG service?

Mtn mblog

MBLOG is a chat engine just like WhatsApp but the channel is SMS only. It allows subscribers to enjoy intriguing sections on lifestyle and entertainment from other bloggers as well as meet new people of their interest.

An MBLOG user can send instant messaging to a followed MBLOG User or MBLOG Groups. i.e. It is Person-to-Person messaging (This is when two or more people communicate over text messaging) using any of their preferred language i.e. Hausa, Yoruba etc.


This service is available to all MTN Customers.

Frequently Asked Questions On MBLOG Service

How can I subscribe to MBLOG Service?

To subscribe, simply send “MBD to 50017” for daily plan, “MBW to 50017” for weekly plan, “MBM to  50017” for monthly plan.

How much will I be charged for the service?  

You will be charged N10 daily, N50 for weekly subscription and N100 for Monthly subscription.

How do I cancel the service on my line?

To cancel/unsubscribe/opt out, you can send “STOP MBD” (For daily subscription); “STOP MBW” (For weekly subscription); “STOP MBM” (For Monthly subscription) to 50017 or simply send “STOP to 50017”.

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I have cancelled the subscription but I still receive messages from my followed accounts.

  • Text “LIST”  to 50017 to show all their followers.
  • To remove follower, Text  “Del + follower Name” to 50017.

Can I send personal messages to my followers?

Yes. You can send personal messages to your followers on the wap site, or by sending Username #Personal Message” to 50017.

Can I participate in Group chats?

Yes, you can create and join group chats on the WAP Site –




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