How To Get Loan From Access Bank?

We are always here for you never to get stranded for any reason, whether for info, how tos, and many more, not also forgetting loans. Here again, on loan we are available to your rescue as we are here again to introduce another loaner to you.

Just like Access Bank, GTBank has made provisions for loans without collateral. If you have an Access Bank account, you have a chance to get loans without collateral at the comfort of your home. This simply means no need of paper work, no signing, or joining those ever unending queue in the bank, all you need is to simply dial the code and you get Instant credit alert.

Access bank Personal loan

How Get Loan From Access Bank Without Collateral

  • Simply start by dialing *426*11#
  • Check amount you are eligible for
  • Check rate
  • Carefully pen down the amount you can pay back
  • Then you get the beep message – alert instanta!

Interest Rate Attached to the Access Bank Loan

The repayment takes 30 days or payday (whichever comes first)

Charges are :

  • Interest rates 4%
  • Management fee 1%
  • Credit life insurance 0.15%

Warning:  Don’t dial the code if you don’t need the cash, because you’ll get credited instantly without delay.

Read here for more.

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  1. Izy says

    Wow thanks for this information, I really needed a loan

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