Google Officially Slated October 15 Unveiling Pixel 4 Smartphones

After some series of unprecedented teasers, the Google Pixel 4 has finally gotten a launch date – October 15. The tech giant has scheduled an event in New York City, a ‘Made By Google’ event and is already sending invites for the same to media, according to a post by The Verge.

Apart from the Pixel series, we are expecting a few other hardware devices, such as the rumoured Pixel Book 2 and new Google Home smart speakers.

Google invite for pixel launch

The Pixel 4 has been all over the place in the last few days and quite a few jokes have been circulating the interwebs picturing the rampant nature of the leaks. And it cannot be denied as this is the second time such a bizarre way leaks have occurred.

More than a couple of videos have appeared showing the Pixel 4 series and many of their highlighted features including the 90Hz refresh rate toggle, Ambient EQ, new camera UI, 3D face unlock options, and a lot lot more. Then of course, there’s Soli gestures which we’re interested to see. Google has said that it’s at work on a sequel to 2017’s Pixelbook laptop and we hope it doesn’t fail like last year’s Pixel Slate tablet.

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