Dark Mode Now Officially Rolling Out For Gmail App

Google has released dark mode to most of its apps and the latest app to officially receive this feature is the Gmail app.

Dark mode on the mail app started showing up late June but it was imperfect, showing up when it wanted to and was only available in settings while the rest of the app retained a white background and there was no toggle to enable it.

It was buggy as the preference setting had a darker shade of grey while descriptions stayed white. The overflow menu and check-boxes had a darker shade of blue but with Android 10 rolling out with system-wide dark mode, the app now has a more functional and refined dark mode.

Gmail app gets dark mode
Image Credit | XDA

The rollout is server-side and accessible from the General Settings tab under Theme so you can choose between Light, Dark and System default. The change isn’t available to everyone yet unless you have the latest 2019.08.18.267044774.

The dark mode has a dark grey colour scheme for the background and navigation drawer with red accent colours to note what inbox you’re viewing.

The search bar uses a lighter shade of grey to provide a better visual distinction. Icons, avatars, labels, buttons and other colours in the inbox are now less bright too.

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