Android 10 Go Edition Is Official: Very Improved Speed and Safer

Google has officially launched the new version of Android Go. The system is the dedicated platform for cheap devices with limited hardware features. The new release is called Android 10 Go Edition and as always, from its birth, it brings high speed and better security.

Android 10 go edition

What’s New? Features

Android 10 Go remains a version of the green robot particularly targetted at smartphones with a maximum of 1.5 GB of RAM. Among the main innovations of the new release compared to Android 9 Go, its about a 10% faster when launching an app, according to the announcement of Google.

Another interesting news for Android Go is the introduction of device encryption. The important news for the security of users’ personal data comes thanks to Adiantum. A new type of encryption specifically developed for entry-level devices.

New Experiences On Android 10 Go Edition Apps

Moreover, Android 10 Go comes with a lot of new features to the user experience with Google apps. They include;

  • Google Go gets new features based on artificial intelligence support. Such as text reading and Lens Go which also offers instant translation of framed texts.
  • YouTube Go, is specially optimized to be efficient even with slow connections.
  • Gallery Go, for only 10 MB, offers the contribution of artificial intelligence for the automatic organization of images stored in the device.


The Android Go ecosystem also includes third-party apps with optimizatios for limited hardware contexts. Including Uber, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Spotify. And Google urges interested developers to consult the Android Go Edition development guide.

Android go on cheaper devices

Alongside this great software platform, Google cannot ignore the Android Go smartphone market: in the last 18 months, around 500 manufacturers have invested in the platform, presenting over 1,500 device models on the market in at least 180 countries worldwide. Among these smartphones, we also find some popular devices such as Redmi Go and Samsung A2.

At the moment, Google has not provided details on the timing and the method of distribution of the new Android 10 Go Edition.


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