WhatsApp Flaws Allows Hackers To Intercept and Change Your Messages And Senders Identity

A new WhatsApp flaws has been discovered that can alter your conversation on the chat application. The flaws can be used by hackers to manipulate and intercept messages between users.

According to a Cyber security firm Check Point Research, despite the facts that WhatsApp messages are encrypted, they were able to develop a tool that decrypt WhatsApp communication and spoof the messages.

WhatsApp on iOS

The researchers found three potential ways to alter conversations;

Firstly, one of the methods involved the use of the “quote function” in a group conversation to change the sender’s identity.

“In this attack, it is possible to spoof a reply message to impersonate another group member and even a non-existing group member,”

Secondly, hackers can also change the text of someone’s reply and send private messages disguised as public messages to members of a group chat, so the target’s response is visible to all the participants in the conversation.

“By doing so, it would be possible to incriminate a person, or close a fraudulent deal, for example,”

The third vulnerability that has been fixed according to the firm involved allowing private messages sent to group members to be disguised as public.

“The three methods involve social engineering tactics to fool end-users,” the firm said.

No comment yet from the management concerning the WhatsApp Flaws.



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