Technology making things portable and more mobile. Who would have thought soon, someone would one day thought of a wearable air conditioner, but here we are witnessing Sony announce one, named Reon Pocket.

This personal cooling device is worn on the back at the base of the neck to cool down the body temperature. It sounds like a great idea, considering how hot the weather has become in recent times.

The device is kept in a pouch in a special t-shirt and uses an electrical current to increase or reduce the body’s temperature, so no; this doesn’t work like your typical air conditioner does. It pairs with a mobile app, from which the wearer can adjust the temperature.

Watch a video on the product:

Reon Pocket is being crowdfunded by Sony and has already exceeded its target. Estimated date of deliver to the market is March 2020 in Japan. As for price, it will cost from ¥12,760 (about $117).


It will be available in Japan first (of course), and the rest of the world can join in whenever the Japanese decide they are ready to share or someone else comes up with a competing product.

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