Realme 5 To Come With 64MP Quad-Camera

Realme is about to launch a new smartphone with a 64MP Quad-Camera setup. Although the company scheduled an event for August 8, where it will disclose details about this camera capabilities, we don’t expect to see anything about this new smartphone at the event.

Some Realme enthusiasts are speculating that this phone will be a successor for the Realme 3 series. We already know that it will be called Realme 5 since some Chinese smartphone brands skip the number four as they consider it a magnet for bad luck.

Despite this fact, there was no indication that the Realme 5 would be the high-anticipated 65MP-powered smartphone until now.

Realme’s CEO Madhav Sheth has changed his Twitter handle to Madhav ‘5’ Quad. Therefore confirming that Realme will skip the number four and the upcoming 64MP Quad-Camera smartphone is the Realme 5. The Indian CEO did the same back with the Realme X. He changed his name to “Madhav X” in order to promote the launch of the pop-up camera smartphone. Now it’s time to start teasing the Realme 5 and its stunning camera capabilities.

For now, that’s everything about the Realme 5. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait so long to know more details about the 64MP Quad-Camera setup. After the August 8 event, we will probably have an idea of when to expect the Realme 5.


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