Huawei Demoed An LCD Display Smartphone With On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

The use of on-screen fingerprint sensors feature has gain popularity among the Android phone makers. However, this feature is only possible on OLED displays which are significantly costlier than LCDs. Of recent, we have seen some LCD displays that integrate an on-screen fingerprint sensor. Now, Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, has shown us that it has such a device.

At the Huawei Developers Conference, the company showcased an LCD display smartphone with an on-screen fingerprint sensor. According to the company, this device will soon go into mass production.

Huawei LCD

A popular Chinese company and close ally of Huawei, BOE, has an LCD display with a screen fingerprint sensor. Well, no info yet on wether the Huawei phone uses BOE’s display. Recall that BOE has supplied displays for some of Huawei’s flagship device including Huawei Mate X. Liu Xiaodong, vice president of BOE, revealed at the MWC 2019 Global Display Elite Summit that the BOE’s LCD fingerprint sensing technology has been successfully developed and will be in mass production in Q4 2019.

Wang Teng, product director of Xiaomi, believes that LCD displays with fingerprint sensors are technically feasible. However, he is not optimistic about the launch of such a feature this year. According to him, the end of next year (at the earliest) is more likely.

Currently, the LCD panel has a wide market in the smartphone and most of these devices sell for less than $300. If this feature comes to reality, it will probably feature in low-end models. The flagship models should still retain the OLED displays.


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