You can now report deceptive/false posts or contents on Instagram

Instagram is rolling out a new feature that allows users to report deceptive post otherwise known as false content. Once a post is flagged as deceptive, it will be reviewed by third-party fact checkers.

How To Report Deceptive/False Posts on Instagram

To flag false post or content;

  • Click the three-dot menu at the top right corner of an Instagram post
  • Select “it’s inappropriate” and choose “false information.”

If a post is indeed incorrect, it won’t be deleted, but it will be “downplayed” on the Explore tab and hashtag pages.

Will The Content Creator Gets Notification?

The post creator won’t be notified when their content is under review, and they won’t know whether the fact-checker decides it’s false or not.

The Instagram posts will be reviewed by the same third-party fact-checkers that review flagged Facebook content.

User-reported Instagram posts found to be bogus but not in violation of the service’s policies will not be deleted, but won’t appear when users use “explore” or hashtag searches to discover content.

According to instagram, Feedback from the new tool will be used to train artificial intelligence software to scan for, and rate, fake posts without waiting for them to be reported.



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