How To Demand for Refund Of OYI beeptool N500 Smartphone

I hope you still remember OYI beeptool, the world first affordable USD $1 smartphone that is supposed to have been shipped since June. Well, the management of the said company claim they encountered some challenges which has caused the delay.

According to the management they encounter some delay from agencies;

We have the first batch ready, but some delay which we are settling with some agencies now. Bear with us.

Oyi Beeptool

It is almost a year and the people who pre-ordered it are already in doubt if OYI-1 is real or scam. However, if you have pre-ordered the smartphone but can no longer wait anymore for it to be shipped, then you can demand for refund.

How to Demand for Refund

Send an email with your Order ID and payment method to the management on []

Oyi beeptool is an affordable smartphone for the rural and poor Nigerians and Africans to access digital services such as finance, tele-healthcare, Agriculture, communication and educational services etc.

By our estimated timing, first batch was supposed to receive their Oyi beeptool smartphone between ending of June and August 2019. But with the latest announcement, we don’t know when the smartphone will be delivered.

If you can no longer wait for it to be delivered, you can demand for a refund using the email above.


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  1. Godswill says

    how can iorder for the smart phone

    1. Andre Falana says

      It’s actually not available for pre-order now. Wait for it to roll out

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