Google Photos comes with a very tricky search engine that is entirely driven by AI. While sometimes it can be difficult to find a specific photo, it’s impressive how the results are shown based on the search for colors, animals and face expression. Now, the search engine will become more powerful, since Google is implementing the ability to “search for text in your images”.

In addition to the new feature, the search giant will also provide it to you in plain form for editing.

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Currently, users can go into the Google Photos app and type any text you know is present on a screenshot or a photo. If you need to copy the text, you just need to click the Lens button on the bottom. After that, you’ll have highlighted words for copy/paste.

Currently, Google’s engine still struggles to interpret cursive, less known words, and some abbreviations. However, it still is in the development phase. Therefore, we expect to see the feature turning more powerful in the coming months.


It’s worth noting that the feature is also functional via your Desktop Browser. However, don’t expect to see Lens working, for obvious reasons. In addition to the aforementioned issues, the search is also struggling to understand foreign symbols and wavy words. For now, stick with printed words if you want to test the feature.

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