The Google Play Store gets a new Material Interface after a few weeks in its testing phase. So what are the new things discovered in the new UI.

Cleaner Store

This is a visual update that updates the Play Store interface, thus offering a cleaner and premium store. The first change we noticed is that the colours of its action bar have disappeared. Now we have a completely white interface. Which also opens a new lower navigation bar on mobile phones and on the left on tablets and Chrome OS.

Google Play store

Music Section No Longer Available

In the new navigation bar, we see the sections to discover games, applications, movies and books. The music section has disappeared, but you can continue to buy songs and albums through the search engine or from the Google Play Music application.

And Many More..

Google Play has also updated the design of the app and game tabs to display more useful information at the top with a larger button. They have also added a new icon system with a more uniform design that makes the content stand out.


There are now two distinct destinations for games and apps, which helps us better serve users the right kind of content. Once users find the right app or game, the updated store listing page layout surfaces richer app information at the top of each page as well as a more prominent call-to-action button. This makes it easier for users to see the important details and make a decision to install your app.

No New Features, Just Redesigned Face

They have not added any new features, we are just facing a redesign of the Play Store.

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If the old interface still appears, you will only have to close the application and wait a few seconds for the new redesign to be activated automatically. However, you can share your experience with us via the comment box.



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