Alphabet, Google’s Parent Company Is Beats Apple To Become The Richest In The Company

According to the Financial Times, Alphabet is now the richest company in terms of liquidity in the world since the second quarter of 2019. The parent company of Google relegates Apple to second place, after the Cupertino company spent a long time on the throne.

Since the last quarter of 2017, Alphabet’s cash reserves have increased by $20 billion. This allowed it to dethrone Apple whose wealth is “only” 102 billion, while apparently has $117 billion in cash.

This success comes at a difficult time for the company as it faces monopoly sanctions and protests from its employees.

Still, today, even if it dethroned Apple, Alphabet has not yet obtained the title of the “most valuable company in the world “, which is the case of the Cupertino company.

It is worth noting that Google is preparing to launch the fourth generation of its Pixel smartphones. The Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL has been in the spotlight for several weeks. Google has confirmed some time ago the design of the camera for the new devices. Something that woke up many critics in the social networks and forums like Reddit.

Now, everything looks calm and it seems that the inclusion of more sensors is something that users want from Google. The design of the phone is clear, although their specifications are yet to be confirmed. There are new reports that allow us to talk about the screens and the RAM memory of these handsets. Both components will improve in this generation.


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