9Mobile Lost 310,924 Data Subscribers Within A Month

According to the latest telecom statistic recently released, 9mobile appears to have been recording constant loss of subscribers.

The Loosers

The latest statistics states that 9Mobile lost 310,924 data subscribers in June which is too much to bear within 30 days.


As for MTN, 178,103 subscribers left the network, i.e dropping from 52,433,020 in May to 52,254,917 in June. Hence, reason recent vigorous campaign by MTN to woo more subscribers by revision of its data plans.

The Gainers

Glo on the other gain 196,816 new subscribers, while Airtel gained a total of 42,510 new subscribers. Glo has always been the people’s favorite over the years on account of its customer-friendly data packages and fast internet connectivity.

9mobile subscribers are dumping their SIMs due to expensive data charges, and slow network connections in some locations. We need 9mobile review their data packages otherwise they’ll keep losing subscribers.

The only affordable and attractive plan on 9 mobile network is 1GB for N200 in which not everyone is eligible. What do you think about the report?

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