While Samsung fans might be in a tight hassle deciding which of the Samsung smartphones to buy, another product leak is about to seal the deal and make them loyal till another tech giant gets up and steal their loyalty with even smarter specs.

According to Forbes, this smartphone will be the beginning of a new dawn in Samsung technology. One of the reasons this might be true for the company is the camera. What is a good smartphone without the greatest camera of all time? Samsung has complacently used the internal camera sensor since the days of Galaxy S7 but with the new Samsung Galaxy S11, camera is entirely new from the other Samsung cameras we are used to, even better than the S10 camera with three rear cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S11 concept render by PhoneArena
Samsung Galaxy S11 concept render by PhoneArena

The battery life is also something worth getting excited over – the Galaxy S10 alleged is said to last two days full on without charging and the only reasonable guess is that S11 battery life is going to be off the roof.

Finally, it should be 5G enabled as the old one, S10 was also.

Pay close attention as we would review the product once is officially on the market in 2020, maybe February or March. In the meantime, you can read up on all the speculations around the creativity and technology infused in creating this Samsung masterpiece.

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