Like the idea of free money? Me too!

But we rarely ever get the privilege of making money without lifting a finger, so we might as well chuck that desire into our dream box- the one for dreams that are unlikely to come true.

Well, what if I told you that you could make some extra cash off twiddling with your phone, literally while you make use of an app on your mobile device?

Think about what you’d do with all that money: you can finally sell your old phone off and buy a new one with the additional income from the use of apps (insanely cool, right?).

The really amazing thing about these apps is that there’s a wide range or a variety of them, from which you can choose the ones which serve you best. They range from market research apps to educational apps, mobile advertising apps and several other varieties of apps from which you can make money while relaxing, waiting in line, or when commuting to and fro work. You could even employ your talkative 8-year-old to make some money on these apps, while you do concentrate on something else.  Genius, right?

As with any other idea that promises you money, you need to be careful of potential scams under the guise of helping you make money; do well to stay away from apps that ask for a fee to register on them.

Now, let’s talk about these apps.



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