Tech makes things easy and less boring. With almost-forever deadlines and time-oriented workflows, parents these days finds it difficult to find a perfect balanced work-life. This is evident particularly in the morning time when they have to spend time preparing for office, at the same time gets their kids ready for kindergarten.

In this busy schedule, parent still don’t usually get an ample amount of time to focus entirely on the little needs of their children. At times, kids resist doing day-to-day tasks like brushing tooth which in turn creates a time delay. To address this issue, Kyocera Corporation partnered with Lion Corporation for the development of Possi, which makes brushing an easy task.

Possi is a musical toothbrush developed with the goal of minimizing the efforts of parents to accomplish the kid’s chores. The project was developed as part of Sony’s Startup Acceleration Program (SSAP). According to the team, Possi was designed with the mission of making tooth brushing enjoyable for children.

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How Possi Musical Toothbrush works

The key idea behind the initiative is to make use of its proprietary ceramic piezoelectric element embedded in the brush head that converts electric signals into vibrations. This makes it possible to transmit audio without relying on external speakers.

Possi Musical Toothbrush
Possi Musical Toothbrush

The advantage of utilizing piezoelectric technology is that only the child can hear the sounds emitted and the sound waves get stopped once the point of contact is lost with the child’s teeth.


The makers of Possi toothbrush claim that the brush is meant to be the parent’s final round of brushing, once the kids are done with their own attempt of brushing the tooth. The form-factor of the brush is round and with a candy themed coat of paint, the brush indeed looks attractive.

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The music can be played from any device that supports a 3.5mm headphone jack by making use of the audio cable provided with the brush. We do think that support for Bluetooth connectivity would have been a nice addition, but unfortunately, that is not present here.

Possi Toothbrush Price

Possi uses two AA batteries that would offer up to one month of battery life if the brush is used on an average of two minutes per day. As of now, the brush is available only in Japan and is priced at 14,800 yen ($136.45) which roughly translates to NGN50,000. It is being sold through First Flight, Sony’s crowdfunding and e-commerce platform. If everything goes well, shipments of Possi will begin by March 2020.

Hopefully, we would be seeing Bluetooth versions of this musical toothbrush in later product design upgrades. So, what are your thoughts on Possi? Tell us in the comments.



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