Of course, it’s normal to face this kind of problem. If you decide to install the current version of iOS 13, it’s expected you should face some challenges since the software is in beta phase. The early versions of iOS usually come loaded with failures. The last discovered is so serious that it allows anyone to access your passwords stored on the iPhone.

iOS 13 is still in beta and, therefore, you will find different errors in the software. However, a security vulnerability discovered recently in the operating system is especially noteworthy, an error that makes it easy for anyone to access the data of «Application passwords and websites» from the configuration of the iPhone.

So What’s The Dangerous Bug In iOS 13?

When working with the beta 3 of iOS 13 for developers or the second public beta of the 13 edition of iOS. It is incredibly easy to omit the authentication message of Face ID or Touch ID in the configuration when trying to access the passwords of the iCloud keychain.

As detailed by on YouTube. All user names and passwords saved in the iOS configuration is accessible by repeatedly pressing the “Site and application passwords” menu. You just have to press several times on the menu and go eliminating the message that the face or the fingerprint entered is not recognized. And after several attempts, the bug of iOS 13 will show all the passwords of logins. Even if you never have successfully authenticated with Face ID or Touch ID.

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Of course, to access the menu «Passwords of websites and applications». Someone would also need to unlock the device previously, either through Face ID, Touch ID or with their access code. But this second level of security continues to disappear through this iOS 13 bug.


Apple has already been informed of the problem through the iOS Feedback app. But it has not yet made any statements about it. A new beta will arrive soon to correct this software problem. A flaw that is also present in the latest beta OS of iPadOS 13.

Apple released iOS 13 beta 3 for developers on July 2, which means that it is likely that we are only a few hours away from the release of the beta 4. Which, among other developments, should end this security problem.



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