Samsung Galaxy A80 Blackpink Special Edition Now Available For Pre-Order

The Galaxy A80 is finally made available for pre-order in a good number of countries for after its announcement. Samsung had tied up with pop sensation Blackpink and as a token of thanks, there’s a special Galaxy A80 Blackpink Special Edition for Thailand and Malaysia. The pre-order ends on July 14, and the custom edition will also be available in Vietnam.

So, What’s New In Galaxy A80 Blackpint Special Edition?

Well, no much difference between the device itself and the vanilla version but the retail box comes with a Blackpink theme. The software (One UI) as well has icons and wallpapers of the Korean pop band’s female celebrities. But that’s pretty much it.

Those who pre-ordered it will be eligible for some free stuff as well like a Galaxy Fit in Malaysia and AKG Y500 headphones in Thailand. The Galaxy A80 Blackpink Special Edition will likely not be offered in western markets as Blackpink’s influence is huge mostly in S. Korea.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Blackpint

The Galaxy A80 is Samsung’s take on a full-screen design and while it isn’t the very first concept, it is surely eye-catching. Plus, you also get the same rear cameras to do your selfies which would technically lead to unparalleled front camera shots. We’re also expecting the handset to launch soon in China and India.


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