Expect Smartphones With 108MP Camera Sensors In 2020

As at present, phone manufacturers are still struggling to offer the best design and the best camera on a smartphone. The performance of a smartphone was the target some times ago, though that is still at heart but the industry, this year has focused a lot on the design of the devices. Something obvious from the inclusion of the hole in the screen to the number of pop-up cameras in the market. We have also seen great news in the photographic section of these high-end.

This is the topic that we are dealing with today after knowing very interesting news about the quality of future cameras. At the moment we have in the market a sensor of 64 megapixels manufactured by Samsung that manufacturers will start using within a few weeks. Now the bet is going up to a possible sensor of more than 100 megapixels.

Should We Expect Smartphones With 108MP Camera Sensors In 2020?

According to a popular leakstar, we will see 108 megapixel photosensors on some devices as from next year. A similar announcement made news with the 65-megapixel sensors by mid-2019 and was finally fulfilled. It is curious to see how the number of megapixels in smartphones increases over the months.

“By the way, next year you will see on your smartphone: a 10x optical zoom camera and a 108MP camera”.

We are yet to know which manufacturer will be responsible for launching this sensor. Although Samsung has all the capabilities for it. We also do not know what technology will be used, because at this moment the 48 and 64-megapixel sensors use the 4 in 1 technology. If this is the case, we would have a final image of 27 megapixels.

Sensors with 10x optical zoom too

But the thing is not in the 108 megapixels. The same leaker has let us know that these sensors will also arrive with a 10x optical zoom. We are not talking about a hybrid zoom to get this increase, but a real optical zoom without loss up to 10 increases.

Undoubtedly the 2020 market is interesting for the photographic section. This is just one of the many novelties that will arrive next year. At the moment we do not know what brands will host this type of camera, so we have to wait.

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