On July 27, Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a new forecast report which claimed that, come second half of 2020, Apple will launch three new iPhones and they all will support 5G. He also believe that these will be the first Apple iPhone models to come with such functionality.

Kuo believes that in order to meet the needs of the US market, Apple will begin supporting mmWave & Sub-6GHz networking in the second half of 2020. Simply put, three iPhone models will support faster 5G cellular data.


He further pointed out that Apple may be motivated to launch a 5G iPhone that only supports Sub-6GHz for the markets such as China. Due to this reason, they will cost less and this can be a good factor to gain the market share. However, Kuo is sure the priority is on the global version, and there is a doubt Apple may not manage to design cheaper iPhones in time.

China To Get Cheaper iPhones

On , Apple officially announced that it had agreed to acquire the related business of Intel’s smartphone modem division. This means now Apple has more resources to support 5G on more models sooner. This is vital for the Cupertino-based company because there will appear many Android-powered products supporting 5G and priced around $350.

So Apple should compete with them somehow. Of course, Apple iPhones will be priced way higher. But this company runs another type of policy, getting most of its consumers from carriers. So 5G will be a requirement for the iPhone.

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According to an analysis by the upstream industry chain, by 2021 all iPhones (or iPhone 12 series) will start supporting 5G. At the same time, Apple will launch a self-developed 5G modem between 2022 and 2023. This will help the company to reduce its reliance on Qualcomm.




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