Recent reports predicts that by 2023, all phones should have access to the 5G network and we believe that fact because a good number of phones have access to 4G already and the human nature to always want more will, in no time, demand for a faster and better network.

There is a lot of buzz building around 5G technology. It is the 5th generation of mobile internet technology and will deliver many times the speed of 4G LTE. Progress is good and we must embrace it.

Before talking about this 5G network, let me give a short and simple explanation to what 5G really is: this network is the most anticipated internet connectivity of our time, the speed it offers is faster and it will foster more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than we have ever experienced: more than the current average download speed of about 1GBps.

This ‘flash’ internet is already available in the US and in the UK. It was also launched with the Samsung Galaxy S10 that was launched this year.

You can read more all about the phones and countries where 5G is currently available here.

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