Xiaomi Shows Off Its Own “Invisible” Under-Display Camera, Looks better than Oppo’s

Just few minutes after Oppo showcased its “invisible” selfie camera solution, another leading Chinese phone maker, Xiaomi has shown off a similar solution. Today, Xiaomi co-founder and president, Lin Bin, shared a video on Weibo which shows that the company is working on a smartphone with an under display front camera. Interestingly, this is similar to the “invisible” front camera concept that we saw from Oppo some minutes ago.

Unlike Oppo, Xiaomi’s video is clear and better shows how the front camera works. The Oppo sensor is not completely invisible as we could see a ring of light on the top of the display which suggests the position of the camera sensor. This is much different from the Xiaomi solution which has just a very thin bezel on the top. Xiaomi displayed this technology with the Xiaomi Mi 9.

The company showed the existing Xiaomi Mi 9 with a waterdrop notch placed it side-by-side with the modified version of this smartphone with the under display camera. Though nothing could be seen on the top of the display after the camera app was activated, taking selfies was possible.

The smartphone industry is consistently evolving and the race to get a true full-screen device is heating up. We’ve have seen all sorts of designs aimed at improving the screen ratio of smartphones. It all started with a notch, then waterdrop design, pop-up camera, periscope structure, sliding design, and most recently, the punch-hole design. Now, it appears that the under-display camera technology is the next line of development.

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