The 2019 iPhone lineup will have 128GB base storage

A lot of manufacturers now offers 128GB as the base storage for their flagships and Apple is also moving in the same direction with iPhone XI. The current models start at 64GB, the two XS phones don’t even have a 128GB option – instead they jump straight to 256GB.

Note that this reportedly covers both the premium iPhone XI and the more affordable XR model. Doubling the base storage will reduce the effort needed to fit your data into the base model, which is especially tricky as new iOS updates arrives and needs some extra room to install.

The new iPhones – which we’re calling “XI” for now – will have a square camera humps and this is what cases for the phone might look like. We’re not sure these are genuine, but the nature of the hump makes this the only logical design.

Anyway, will the increase in base storage also mean that the top-specced iPhone XI will have 1TB of storage? The iPad Pros already offer that much (for a price, of course). Even they start at 64GB, though.

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