While manufacturers and carriers are busy talking up the benefits of 5G, Oppo is throwing up another question – what if we have no cell connection, no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? The Chinese company has introduced a system called MeshTalk which can send data between devices up to 3km apart.

We imagine that this is with a clear line of sight. Still, as the name suggests this is a mesh network – it can route the message through several nearby devices so it can reach its target, even if it’s too far for a direct connection.

MeshTalk makes use of a custom chip with enhanced sensitivity to achieve this long range communication. It’s a low-bandwidth system, but it still supports voice calls, not just text messages.

It’s a low-power system too, Oppo plans to build phones that can last 72 hours in standby with MeshTalk active. This will be great in emergency situations, of course, but also just to cut down your monthly bill as you can reduce your reliance on carriers.


Oppo didn’t reveal what kind of tech is behind MeshTalk or when the first phones with it will be available on the market.


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