Latest Google Chrome for Android Gets Improved Dark Mode, Password Generator

Chrome for Android received a dark theme in version 74 back in April, but it was not made accessible for an ordinary user, which means most people probably didn’t even know it existed.

Dark Mode Update

Fast forward to today, and Google is rolling out Chrome 75 for Android, and this finally brings the dark theme option to the browser’s Settings menu, for everyone to see (and enable at will). By default Chrome will automatically switch to the dark theme when your device’s Battery Saver is on, but you can force it to always be light or always dark.

And to prove it’s serious about the whole dark theme thing, Google’s Chrome team has fixed text on tab titles – this is now white so it’s actually readable on the dark background.

Dark Mode on Android
Left: Chrome 74; Right: Chrome 75

Password Generator

Google has also added a password generator to Chrome. When you tap a password input box you’ll see a new bar appear at the bottom, with a key icon that you can tap to get a list of all your saved passwords for that site. Next to it is the “Suggest strong password” option, and if you pick this it will automatically create one for you.


Chrome 75 brings Level 2 Web Share API, which means that websites can now share files (like images) to the native Share menu on Android. Previously, only text and URLs were possible to share in this way. Your favorite website will still need to support this, though.

There are countless other minor improvements baked into Chrome 75 too, if you’re interested in the full list make sure you jump to the Source linked below. The new version of the browser should arrive on your phone within the next few weeks.


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