Huawei adds more devices to Android Q eligibility list

Though it’s still dealing with major issues surrounding the US ban, Huawei is still dedicated to taking good care of its current lineup. The Spanish division of the phone maker has tweeted a list of devices that will get Android Q – most of that is old news, but there are new additions this time around.

The names that will make the largest number of people happy are the Mate 10 members as those were quite popular back in their day and undoubtedly still have loyal users. The Mate 20 additions aren’t that surprising, given that the rest of the series was already confirmed to get Android Q.

Huawei adds more phones to Android Q eligibility list
“Our arrangements are with you, our customers. Prepare for Android Q.”

The tweet said in Spanish “Our commitment is with you, our users”, clearly saying Huawei wants to take care of its customers even if its entire future as a smartphone maker might be uncertain.

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