Today, TellForce Blog will be introducing you to BuyPower NG. It is a platform where you can pay all your electricity bills online without stress and standing in the long queue.

The Prepaid meters (PPM) system is gradually gaining more ground and this is for sure leading to long queue when you want to top up. And of course, no one wants darkness especially when you have you cash with you.

Now, going straight to the business of why we are here, we will outline the methods on how to Pay Electricity Bills online without stress, just by using the Buypower website and app.

About Buypower NG

It is an online platform where you can purchase prepaid Meter electricity token that will enable you pay for electricity from your phone and computers, anytime, anywhere.

You can now pay your electricity bills from any part of the world, no more coming home to find out your electricity units have been exhausted. No more queues, no more embarrassing moments.


It is convenience and easy to follow. Also note that it is fast spreading across the Nation and currently available in Abuja, Niger, Nassarawa and Kogi states under the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC).

How to Pay Your Electricity Bills Via BuyPower

It is quite simple, and you can complete the task either from your online browser or from the company’s mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android devices.

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If you want to avoid those annoying and intrusive queue, you can easily use BuyPower app to pay your electricity bill.

  1. Go to on your web browser
  2. Enter your phone number to register
  3. Login to your buypower account
  4. Enter your meter number
  5. Then enter the amount you want to pay
  6. Select payment method and pay.

That is it. If the payment was successful, then the token will be shown to you in four major ways. You will use this token to load on your prepaid meter.

Firstly, the company will go ahead and display the token on your screen, and will also be sent to the phone number you used for registration.

Not only that, they will also send the token to any email address, that you provided during the registration. Another way is to click on the “transactions” tab on the website to view all your purchased electricity token.

BuyPower Mobile App Features

Below are the new/updated features of the new BuyPower mobile app, allowing you to pay your electricity bill, which are categorized as Utility bills at your door step.

Before we begin, you should understand that, BuyPower has its apps on both platform, Android & iOS. And thankfully, they have incorporated the new and upgraded features into the both apps.

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~ Consumption Chart: The chart shows how much you spent on electricity usage over a period of time. That’s valid information, you know.

~ Reminders: With reminders, you can set a date and time for the BuyPower app to remind you to purchase electricity. You see, we are more than just a ‘pay electricity online’ platform.

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~ Simple Interface: You can easily navigate through the apps easily. This new app is custom-made for every user to be able to easily navigate through.

Where To Download BuyPower Mobile App

You can either purchase the electricity bill From BuyPower website, or its app. It allows consumers in Africa to purchase electricity from the convenience of their home.

For iPhone and iPad: It has just 2 reviews, which gives it 5-star rating. Which is of course, a good start for the company. And it is quite amazing.

You can go ahead and download BuyPower mobile app for your Apple devices, iPhone and iPad Smartphone HERE.

For Android Smartphone: Meanwhile, it has over 700+ reviews and it gives it a total rating of 4.5-star, which is proves a sense of approval from its users.

Android users can go ahead and download BuyPower mobile app HERE.

With BuyPower mobile app, 24/7 power bill payment solution is assured. As you will no longer leave your businesses behind to go purchase their electricity units.

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