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OnePlus 7 Pro Can Withstand Water But Does Not Have IP Certification

It’s Official that OnePlus 7 Pro will be water-resistant: the anticipation comes by Carl Pei who wanted to personally communicate the good news to the community through a forum.

OnePlus 7 Pro will withstand water but the degree of waterproofness will not be certified for reasons related to the cost and the real utility of the operation. According to Pei, the presence of IP certification does not give a concrete benefit to the user since, whether certified or not, like the other manufacturer’s, water damage will not be covered by the warranty. So it’s probably best to avoid any contact with water.

So, you may be aware that one of the features that are found in practically all of the more expensive competitors to OnePlus devices is an IP rating for water and dust resistance. However, the company has so far resisted adding it to its phones. And that is not changing with the OnePlus 7 series, as you can see from the video below.

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Furthermore, the CEO continued, to deal with the situations in which a smartphone typically comes into contact with water, such as falling into a puddle or a sudden downpour, with relative confidence, an IP certification would be overabundant. In short, internal tests are more than sufficient.

The statement was supplemented by the short video you find above, in which the hashtag #OnePlus7Series stands out, a sign that even OnePlus 7 could be as resistant as the Pro variant.

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