A couple of months ago, it was rumored that WhatsApp for iPad will soon be made available as the team of engineers are already working on it. Now, we are about to get WhatsApp on one of the most productive Operating System according to is a tweet by Wabetainfo.

WhatsApp is working on a new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app for Windows 10. UWP apps are developed to run on a variety of Windows 10 devices, which by implication means this version of WhatsApp may be able to run on both Windows desktops and compatible Windows Mobile smartphones.

Tweet by Wabetainfo on WhatsApp coming to Windows 10 Desktop
Tweet by Wabetainfo on WhatsApp coming to Windows 10 Desktop

The UWP version of WhatsApp will be available for download from the Microsoft Store once it has launched, meaning desktops running Windows 10 S will also support the application.

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WhatsApp has been pulling out of support for older Windows Mobile operating systems, and it is unclear whether this upcoming version of the app will support Windows 10 Mobile.

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