The  much anticipated dark mode is yet to arrive, but the beta version 2.19.133 of WhatsApp takes another small step forward in this direction, which actually confirmed the work is still in progress and not dropped as earlier suggested.

The developers are working to implement the Dark Mode within all parts of the application and today’s beta upgrade brings it into the bar with tabs and links, as you can see from the image below, which used to be the classic green color.

The dark mode is therefore slowly conquering the entire application, even if many parts still need to be updated and this makes us understand that before seeing it officially it will take time.

WhatsApp Beta 2.19.133 is available for download through the Google Play Store beta channel and through APKMirror. is there anything else, besides the dark mode, you would like to see in WhatsApp?


It is worth noting that recently, after being on trial for a while on iOS, WhatsApp has launched a new privacy configuration to control groups invites. Until now, group administrators could add any WhatsApp user to a group without their consent, the only requirement is that the user should be a contact in the administrator’s phone book. However, from now on, WhatsApp users will be able to choose which people can add them to groups.

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