Samsung shared tips on how vloggers can get the best out of the Galaxy S10+

This is a sweet and interesting news for vloggers or you intend to be one? Samsung has posted a few helpful tips that start with getting a Galaxy S10+. Anyway, the guide offers advice on how you can improve the quality of the footage as well as the content of your vlogs.

The first tip is simple – if you don’t have a stabilizing gimbal on you, Super Steady Mode can shoot shake-free footage (it works best for well-lit scenes). You can use Hyperlapse to show transitions from one location to another. You can create Hyperlapse videos from regular footage, which is great if you forgot to enable it at the time.

Slow motion clips are a reliable way to spice up your content, the Galaxy S10+ can stretch 0.4 seconds to 14 seconds. Samsung notes that slow-mo clips can be looped and shared as a GIF.

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The final two tips are for you. The first isn’t so much a tip as pointing out that the S10+ (as well as S10 and S10e) can shoot 2160p selfie video so you get better quality footage for the segments where you talk into the camera.

And the last tip is using the upgraded AR Emoji to add a cartoony twist to your vlogs. Here’s a video by Korean vlogger HongJun that shows those suggestions applied.


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