Lenovo Announces The World’s Foldable Screen Laptop – THINKPAD X1

Just few days ago, Intel announced that its notebooks with foldable screens will be available by 2021. However, it seems Lenovo, another notebook manufacturing giant is a some miles ahead of Intel. Today, Lenovo unveiled the world’s first prototype of the foldable screen notebook, ThinkPad X1, in the United States and the company said that it will be listed next year but it is still not 100% complete.

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The ThinkPad X1 features a 4:3 13.3-inch 2K resolution OLED screen supplied by LG. After folding, the size of the computer is close to that of a regular book, and the weight of the whole device is only about 900 grams. Lenovo believes that at the completion of this notebook, it can be made more versatile. It needs to be expanded directly when the big screen is needed (providing a full keyboard and a complete Windows system experience), and users can also use it as a tablet device.

Some quick evaluation based on the press conference documents gave a positive review for this product. It is very comfortable to hold with one hand, it is not awkward to fold it up, and when the computer is flat on the table, there is no obvious crease. The hinge is “sturdy” and easy to open and close, but some hardware needs to continue to improve, after all, it still has a long time from the market.


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