Latest updates: Instagram Gets Donation Sticker and New Features

At the Facebook F8 annual conference 2019, Facebook introduced new design and feature to its platform including a new redesign, WhatsApp support on Facebook’s Portal, Dark Mode and more.

Alongside, Facebook has also introduced new features and brought design changes to Instagram.

Table of Interests

Donation Sticker

Instagram is rolling out a new ‘Donation’ sticker on stories. The sticker is rolling out in the US and starting today, people can raise money for a non-profit they care about directly through Instagram Stories.

Aside this, you can use the donation sticker to create a non-profit fundraiser and mobilize their community around a cause they care about.

How to Use Instagram Donation Stickers

  • Open the camera, take or upload a photo, tap the sticker icon and select the ‘Donation sticker’ from the tray.
  • Choose a nonprofit to support and customize your fundraiser using creative tools.
  • Once it’s live, swipe up on your story to view the total amount raised. 100% of the money you raise on Instagram goes to the nonprofit you are supporting.

Create Mode

Apart from this, Instagram has introduced a new camera design which includes a new ‘Create Mode’, which gives you an easy way to share without a photo or video.

New Camera

This new camera will make it simpler to use popular creative tools like effects and interactive stickers, so you can express yourself more freely.

The new camera and Create Mode will be rolling out globally soon.


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