Huawei’s Operating System may be called ‘ARK OS’

It was reported last week that Huawei, China’s most successful smartphone vendor will make its Android alternative official on June 24, however, the report was refutted by an unnamed Huawei exec. Whether the Chinese giant is preparing its homegrown smartphone OS isn’t a question for debate, the company has expressly confirmed same, but when are we going to get it officially?

While it was reported earlier that the phone maker received the trademark “Hongmeng” purportedly for the OS from the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration, the company has secured a new trademark approval for a name that appears suitable for the OS.

As first reported by Androidheadlines, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on May 24th received and published multiple trademarks filings from the Chinese phone maker. Under the application, Huawei seek to patent the ‘Huawei Ark OS,’ ‘Huawei Ark,’ ‘Ark,’ and ‘Ark OS,’ suggesting the firm might end up adopting one of these names for its upcoming Android alternative OS.

Although neither the listing nor the Chinese phone maker has confirmed the Ark OS will be the name of  the Chinese firm OS, but this definitely sounds goods, and could appeal to a more general audience than the hongmeng OS that was earlier believed to be its upcoming OS.

Google earlier last week suspended Huawei from of its essential Android services, but has since agreed to restore the affected services to Huawei for a period of three months following  US Commerce Department decision to temporarily ease the ban on the Chinese tech giant until August 19th. The company might again be locked out of Google Android services post August 19 if it continues to remain of on the US blacklist indefinitely.

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