HTC Exodus 1s Blockchain Phone With Full Bitcoin Node Capabilities Announced

HTC has been inactive for a while now, with no a single new smartphone in its lineup since January till now. The Taiwanese brand even decided to close its two Chinese smartphone retail stores recently, following its removal of a total of 14 HTC apps from the Play store since February.

Well, contrary to the believe of some mobile enthusiasts, the smartphone section of the company is dead after all, as it still has plans to release smartphones very soon. The company’s Chief Decentralized Officer Phil Chen in atoday revealed that its company has plans to launch a second generation of the Exodus 1 blockchain smartphone in the coming months.

Dubbed HTC Exodus 1s, the upcoming device will offer more support for decentralized browsing, messaging, social media apps (dapps), and what is more, the device will be capable of running a full bitcoin node.

Basically, the HTC Exodus 1s will act as one of the distributed points that validate and relay transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain, and while it isn’t capable of mining any cryptocurrency, the firm says it has “partners to announce that will offer hash rates to do so.” The device as per Chen is aimed at peeps curious about cryptocurrency and want to support public blockchains.

While the entire specs and feature details are still unknown, the company confirms the HTC Exodus 1S will support HTC’s Zion wallet app – a Blockchain vault that allows you to conduct cryptocurrency transactions, view and manage your crypto collectibles, and manage your crypto life while maintaining ownership of your keys. With your Zion Vault you can store, send, and request Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, selected ERC-20 tokens, and ERC-721 collectibles.

HTC will release the HTC Exodus 1S  towards the “the end of Q3 within the price range of $250 to $300.


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