List of Free To Air Channels in Africa and Their Frequencies

If you are searching for free to air sports channels in Africa, you need to know that there are many of them available to you if you have a compatible decoder that can work with the FTA frequencies. These channels provide not only sports content but also other types of entertainment like movies, news, and everything you may want to watch.

List of FTA channels in Africa and the available FTA channels frequencies

  • Eutelsat 36B (36°E) – here you can watch Al-Iraqiya Sports at the frequency 11.652, G6, V, SR/FEC 3110/3/4
  • Badr 6 (26°E) – here you can watch Abu Dhabi Sports at the frequency 11.804, 5, H, SR/FEC 27500/3/4; Abu Dhabi Sports 3 at the frequency 11.804, 5, H, SR/FEC 27500/3/4; and Abu Dhabi Sports 2 at the frequency 11.804, 5, H, SR/FEC 27500/3/4

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  • Eutelsat Sesat 1 (16°E) – here you can watch GSP TV at the frequency 11.132, B6, V, SR/FEC 16300/3/4
  • Hot Bird 13E (13°E) – here you can watch Dubai Sports at the frequency 11,747, 51, H, SR/FEC 27500/3/4/; Rai Sport 2 at the frequency 11.804, V, SR/FEC 27500/2/3; Rai Sport 1 at the frequency 11.804, V, SR/FEC 27500/2/3/; RTL 2 Deutschland at the frequency 12.616, H, 29900/5/6; and Arryadia at the frequency 10.873, V, SR/FEC 27500/3/4
  • Amos 2 (4°W) – here you can watch Telesport at the frequency 11.592, H, SR/FEC 21350/3/4
  • Eutelsat 5 West A (5°W) – here you can watch Super Tennis at the frequency 11.460, KB7, H, SR/FEC 3333/7/8
  • Nilesat 101 (7°W) – here you can watch Dubai Sports at the frequency 11.758, 4, W, SR/FEC 27500/3/4/; KTV 3 at the frequency 11.823, 6, V, SR/FEC 27500/5/6

  • Nilesat 102 (7°W) – here you can watch Al Dawri & Al Kass Sport Channel at the frequency 12.054, 18, V, SR/FEC 27500/5/6; Al Riyadiah Satellite at the frequency 12.149, 23, H, SR/FEC 27500/3/4; Alhayat We Alnas at the frequency 12.207, 26, V; SR/FEC 27500/3/4
  • Hot Bird 13B (13°E) – here you can watch RAI Sport Satellite at the frequency 11.804, 54, V54, V, SR/FEC 27500/2/3
  • Badr 4 (26°E) – here you can watch Al Riyadiah Satellite at the frequency 12.015, 16, V, SR/FEC 27500/3/4; Al Jazeera Sport Channel at the frequency 12.034, 17, H, SR/FEC 27500/3/4; Alkass at the frequency 12.034, 17, H, SR/FEC 27500/3/4; Dubai Sports3 at the frequency 12.130, 22, V, SR/FEC 27500/3/4; Dubai Sports 4 at the frequency 12.130, V, SR/FEC 27500/3/4; Alkass Three HD at the frequency 12.245, 28, V, SR/FEC 27500/5/6; Alkass Four HD at the frequency 12.245, 28, V, SR/FEC 27500/5/6; Al Dawri & Al Kass HD Sports Channel at the frequency 12.245, V28, V, SR/FEC 27500/5/6, Alkass Two HD at the frequency 12,245, V, SR/FEC 27500/5/6; Saudi Sport 5 HD at the frequency 12.522, V, SR/FEC 27500/5/6; Kuwait TV 3 Sport at the frequency 12.523, 1, H, SR/FEC27500/3/4; and Arriadia at the frequency 12.682,V, SR/FEC 27500/3/4
  • Eutelsat 9B (9°E) – here you can watch Phoenix InfoNews Channel at the frequency 12.034, V, SR/FEC 27500/3/4; and ORTM at the frequency 12.034, V, SR/FEC 27500/3/4
  • Nimiq 5 (72.5°W) – here you can watch NBA TV at the frequency 12.282, 5, R, SR/FEC 20000/5/6
  • Astra 3B (23°E) – here you can watch Trace Sports HD at the frequency 12.207, V, SR/FEC 27500/5/6
  • Astra 1M (19.2°E) – here you can watch Sky Sport HD 2 Germany at the frequency 10.773, H, SR/FEC 22000/5/6; Augsburb TV at the frequency 11.523, 21, H, SR/FEC 22000/5/6; Eurosport Deutschland at the frequency 12.226, 91, H, SR/FEC 275000/3/4; Sport 1 Deutschland at the frequency 12.480, 104, V, SR/FEC 27500/3/4
  • Arabsat 5A (30.5°E) – here you can watch Al Jazeera Sports Global at the frequency 4.136, L, SR/FEC 27500/3/4; and Saudi Sport 1 at the frequency 4.176, L, SR/FEC 27500/3/4
  • Nilesat 201 (7°W) – here you can watch Nile Culture at the frequency 11.843, 7, H, SR/FEC27500/5/6; Abu Dhabi Sport 8 HD at the frequency 12.111, H, SR/FEC 27500/5/6
  • Hispasat 1E (30°W) – here you can watch RRSat promo at the frequency 10.730, H, SR/FEC 27500/3/4
  • Eutelsat 7 West A (7°W) – here you can watch Al Ahly Club at the frequency 12.341, 83, H, SR/FEC 27500/5/6
  • Türksat 4A (42°E) – here you can watch Sports TV at the frequency11.957, V, SR/FEC 27500/5/6

Ways to watch the latest free to air sports channels

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FTA services are not like the regular ones, for example, DSTV or MYTV. FTA satellites have no subscription price. The only payment you make is the very first payment for the equipment and the initial installation. What’s more, you don’t need several decoders. If you have some knowledge and skills, you can use just one decoder to watch as many satellites channels as you like.

Actually, the number of FTA channels you will be able to get depends greatly on how big your dish is. The angle and the direction it’s pointed at will also determine a lot. The bigger dish you get, the more FTA channels you will receive with a C-band. The smallest size that’s recommended for a good deal of FTA is 1.8 meters.

Apart from the sports, you can watch a number of other channels. Sometimes, not all of them are that exciting but you just should keep in mind that you have paid only once and now can choose what you like among a real multitude of available channels. Also, you should remember that the number of available FTA channels has a tendency to increase literally with every month, not even a year.

The easiest part here is the process of installation because the manual that comes with the dish, decoder and all the cables is quite straightforward and helpful. However, if you are not experienced in such things, you may need a professional who will get you all the channels you want.

Watching FTA channels in Africa 2019

Today, there’s a network consisting of more than a hundred of channels and dozens of them are free to air. Last year, a lot of serious work was done to create a premier platform that was expected to bring a high quality free to air television to the homes of millions of Nigerians.

If you still have not tried the FTA television, you should definitely dedicate some time and effort and finally discover the benefits of this television. It’s a fact that you will never regret leaving the usual and regular paid TV in exchange for the free channels.

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