Google Pixel Smartphones with Android Q can detect if you are involved in car crash

The Google I/O 2019 developers conference just ended few days ago, where Google officially introduced the Android Q and its features. Yet again, a new feature that is expected to accompany the new version of the operating system has emerged.

The new feature covers the ability of a user’s smartphone to automatically understands his/her involvement in a car accident. This, which is exclusive to Google Pixel devices, has been found among the lines of code of Android Q, which is reported below.

Here is the line that suggests how it will be an exclusive of Pixel smartphones:

<uses-feature android:name=”” android:required=”true”/>

While these are the lines dedicated to the function:


<string name=”car_crash_alert_icon_description”>Car crash icon</string>
<string name=”car_crash_detection_dogfood_title_text”>Car Crash Detection Dogfood</string>
<string name=”car_crash_dogfood_app_name”>Car Crash Dogfood</string>
<string name=”car_crash_permission_preference_title”>@string/car_crash_permissions_menu_item_text</string>
<string name=”car_crash_permissions_menu_item_text”>Car Crash Dogfood Permissions</string>
<string name=”dogfood_welcome_text”>\u0009Welcome to the car crash detection dogfood. In order to properly use this feature, please enable the following permissions. Once you enable them, this dogfood will automatically launch an alert activity when the device detects you are in a car crash.</string>

Alongside with the code, there are also two icons, which let us understand the function of this novelty. It is unclear how the incident detection function (use of the accelerometer and the microphone, perhaps) will be carried out, nor what actions the same application is able to perform once the incident has been detected (this is called alert activity, which could mean contacting some selected profiles, or advising the authorities, perhaps with the location of the accident attached).

Well, all we need now is just a little wait for new official information from Google to learn more details about this new – and very useful – functionality.





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